The Role of Calculator in Elementary School Mathematics Education

Primary school mathematics teaching, to some extent, cultivates students' calculation abilities. However, with the continuous improvement of material life, the popularization of calculators and other electronic devices has provided many convenient ways for students' calculations. This has brought some problems to mathematics teaching, which has both advantages and disadvantages. The key lies in how teachers guide and how students do it. Only when the two are perfectly combined can calculators and other devices help students improve their calculation abilities. Let's talk about the role of the Deli calculator in primary school mathematics teaching.


The Deli calculator saves time reasonably


The knowledge points in primary school mathematics teaching are constantly deepening, and the numbers to be calculated are also increasing. At this time, if we face some larger numbers, conventional calculation methods will be very time-consuming. It will be very cumbersome to deal with some numbers, and long-term calculations will slow down our students' thinking because this is a very tedious task. Not only for primary students, but even adults will feel tired after a long period of calculation. If we continue to let students do the calculations, the accuracy will not be guaranteed, and the calculations will lose their meaning. But when we have determined that the students have mastered the calculation methods, we can allow them to use the Deli calculator to save time when assigning homework or classroom exercises, especially when they encounter relatively large numbers.


We know that the learning pressure on students is very high now. Usually, the homework of various subjects will make students overwhelmed. If there is a way to save them time, some time can be allocated to other subjects, or they can quickly complete today's learning tasks. In this way, students can have more rest time, and their state will become very energetic the next day. Therefore, reasonable use of the Deli scientific calculator can save students' time, enhance their energy, and make them meet the next day's learning with a more full posture.


The Deli calculator checks the calculation results


It is very necessary for primary school students to practice after learning new knowledge, because only in this way can we test the teacher's teaching effectiveness and the student's mastery. Therefore, the process of classroom exercises and after-class homework will inevitably test students' computational ability. When students calculate a result, they will often form a fixed way of thinking. At this time, no matter how they calculate and check, they may get the same result. When parents also make mistakes, checking homework will also result in errors, and the checking work cannot achieve the desired effect.


However, when we use the Deli scientific calculator to check the homework results, the error rate will be greatly reduced, and the accuracy will be guaranteed. In this way, we can quickly know whether the child's calculation result is correct, so that we can immediately provide guidance and give timely feedback to the teacher. Therefore, using a calculator to check the calculation results can help students improve.


The Deli calculator helps to estimate the results


We know that when we are preparing to answer a computational problem, the correctness of the result indicates the final correctness of our calculation. However, when we list out a very long formula, the cumbersome steps will make us feel overwhelmed, and meticulous calculations may take a lot of time and cannot guarantee the accuracy of the calculation. But if we can use the Deli calculator to roughly calculate and obtain the result in advance, we can conduct self-checking during the digital calculation. When there is a deviation from the result during the calculation process, we can trace the source to see if there are any steps that are wrong, which can save steps, and not have to spend a lot of time to finish the long string of equations before discovering that the result is wrong, which is also a great role of the calculator.

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