Elementary School Math Calculator Usage Strategies

The requirement of the new curriculum reform is that students can scientifically and reasonably use calculators to solve calculations based on their understanding and mastery of formulas, theorems, and arithmetic rules. In the process of learning mathematics, when encountering complex and difficult calculation problems, teachers can allow students to use calculators, or students can use calculators to check their calculations after completing them. Of course, in teaching activities such as mathematics classroom teaching and after-class homework, teachers should allow students to use the Deli calculator according to students' actual situation and teaching content, saving students' time and helping them solve practical problems more effectively.


Using Deli electronic calculator to explore mathematics teaching


As we all know, in traditional education and teaching, the majority of teachers mainly focus on explaining the key and difficult knowledge in textbooks. When encountering complex, difficult-to-understand calculation problems in the teaching process, some teachers are afraid of affecting the teaching progress and do not give students enough time to think about and communicate their problems. Therefore, using the Deli calculator in the process of mathematics teaching can greatly save students' time, help students get full liberation in complex calculation problems, stimulate students' learning interest, make students more actively involved in mathematics learning, enhance their enthusiasm for participation, and make students better understand and master what they have learned.


Using the Deli electronic calculator to solve practical problems in real life


As we all know, mathematics comes from life, and life is an important embodiment of mathematics. There are many mathematical problems in our daily life. Therefore, mathematics teachers should guide students to discover problems in daily life, cultivate their observation, analysis, and problem-solving abilities, enhance their thinking and innovation abilities, help them better understand and master what they have learned, and use what they have learned to solve practical problems in real life, enhancing their ability to apply knowledge.


For example, teachers can design mathematical problems related to real life in the teaching process, allowing students to engage in intense discussions in the classroom, and then find ways and methods to solve the problems. In this process, students can use Deli electronic calculators reasonably and effectively, give full play to the important role of calculators in mathematics teaching, transform from passive receivers into active learners, become the main body of mathematics teaching, improve their learning quality and efficiency, deepen their understanding of mathematical knowledge, enhance their thirst for knowledge, apply their learned mathematical knowledge to solve practical problems in real life, and improve their overall mathematical literacy.

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