Classification of Whiteboard Pens

1. Stationery office equipment whiteboard pen is classified by ink


According to the ink, whiteboard pens on the market can be roughly divided into ordinary whiteboard pen ink, dry-erase film-forming whiteboard ink, wet-erase whiteboard ink, and hydrolyzed whiteboard ink. Let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of these four kinds of whiteboard pen inks. First: the advantages of ordinary whiteboard pen inks are cheap. Disadvantages: there is an unpleasant smell. Second: dry-erase film-forming whiteboard ink, advantages: alcohol smell, no bad smell, quick-drying film-forming, no dust, dry-erase is generally wiped with a magnetic strip sponge board, disadvantages: the market film-forming ink is uneven, the price higher. Third: Hydrolyzed whiteboard ink, the advantages are odorless, easy to erase (wipe with water), and protect the whiteboard surface. Disadvantages: high price, water is needed for wiping, and beige whiteboards are used more. Fourth: Wet wipe the whiteboard pen ink. Advantages: odorless, easy to erase, easy to wipe with detergent. Disadvantages: the price is not cheap, and it needs to be wiped with detergent.




2. Stationery office equipment whiteboard pen is classified by structure


It can be divided into disposable whiteboard markers, stationery office equipment, refillable whiteboard markers, straight liquid whiteboard markers, air pressure whiteboard markers, etc. The structure of the whiteboard pen is roughly composed of a pen head, a cotton core, a pen holder, a pen cap, and a pen tail. Disposable whiteboard markers are popular because they are economical and practical, and the development cost is low. The disadvantage is that they are thrown away after use, resulting in a waste of resources. The structure of the refillable whiteboard pen is similar to that of the disposable whiteboard pen, except that there is an unscrewed device at the front end of the pen barrel, which can be unscrewed to add whiteboard pen ink after writing. Straight liquid whiteboard pens have disposable and replaceable refills. The disposable is simple in structure, and the entire pen holder can hold ink. The pneumatic whiteboard pen has a complex structure. There is an airbag and a spring device in the pen barrel, which has a large ink storage capacity and smooth writing. Some researchers have removed the spring device in the whiteboard marker, and the function of the spring can be realized through the rubber bowl.


Cheap whiteboard pens are important members of the teaching and office supplies, and they have a strong challenge compared to the traditional tool chalk on the blackboard. Because whiteboard pens are widely used, easy to use, dust-free and erasable, environmental protection and safety, etc., it is suitable for the evolution trend of teaching aids and office supplies. With the development of education and the update of basic teaching aids and office supplies, consumers at home and abroad have a lot more awareness of environmental protection and safety in the use of teaching aids and office supplies. The market demand for whiteboard pens is growing rapidly and has become a widely used, high-demand, consumer-oriented teaching aid and office supply.


According to the survey and analysis, to meet the demand growth and development trend of cheap whiteboard pens, there are more and more units producing whiteboard pens in the cultural and educational pen industry, and the output is increasing. Therefore, the production and sales of whiteboard markers have continued to grow rapidly in recent years. China has become one of the main producers and exporters of whiteboard pens in the world, and this situation will continue to develop.

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