How to Choose a High-quality Lamp?

Table lamp is placed on the countertop lamps, in modern life is extremely common, want to use the table lamp need to buy, how should the table lamp purchase it? How to clean the lamp?



Desk lamp stationery office equipment purchase method



1, Check the light


When we do desk lamp wholesale, the first thing to look at the desk lamp light is stable after opening, whether the distribution is uniform and soft. When choosing a lamp is best to choose a lampshade, which can soften the light, and can play a protective role. For example, some lampshades are equipped with a lattice-like reflector inside, which is conducive to the contrast inside and outside the lighting area is not too strong.



2, Check the documents


See whether the product has 3C compulsory certification, whether there is a safety certificate, whether there is a product certificate of conformity, these are important guarantees of product quality.



3, check the after-sales


For its after-sales is also very important, we look at the product, but also to understand whether it is guaranteed after-sales service, whether there is a perfect after-sales service, detailed maintenance address and telephone.



4, check the light head


Its lamp head, we should choose a standard interface, so that even if the bulb is damaged or malfunction, we are convenient to replace and repair later.




5, the brightness should be moderate


Stationery office equipment desk lamp only plays the role of an auxiliary light source, too bright or too dark, there is a certain amount of damage to our eyes, so the right light to better protect our eyes, if it is a children's desk lamp, pay more attention to this point. In addition, we must be careful not to buy the lamp exposed outside, which is prone to certain safety hazards.




Reading eye protection desk lamp stationery office equipment selection skills



Reading lamp, is used as a supplemental light when you read, it is most needed to be stable, soft, adjustable brightness.



Stability is said to be the table lamp fluctuation depth of less than 3.2%! Art theory says that the human eye relies on contrast to identify color brightness. It is this habit that leads to the same white on the black side and on the yellow side, people will feel that these are two different colors.



That's why there is a difference between a warm skin tone choosing a yellow foundation and a cool skin tone choosing a pink foundation. Your eyes will naturally want to contrast, so if the low frequency and high depth, the eyes will be different to identify the light of this lamp, resulting in excessive eye muscle movement, which in turn leads to myopia.



Soft, said the light is evenly dispersed. Poor quality reading light will have a significant uneven distribution of light, I also said that the eyes like to do contrast, you this uneven reading light hit the book, the eyes again to actively adjust the pupil, to distinguish the light source. Not myopia is strange!



The last one is adjustable brightness! This is my suggestion: the brightness of this light adjustment options, the more the better! At least three light brightness options! Reading lights are best integrated into the environment, and never in the ambient light and reading light brightness gap between the place to learn, or myopia is a small matter, accidental glaucoma will be finished.

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