Correction Tape Vs Correction Fluid

Correction tape and correction fluid are stationery items that are often used by everyone to correct wrong handwriting. Because of the same purpose, many people always don’t know how to choose when choosing and modifying products. Actually, correction tape is more convenient to use, and correction fluid is used relatively economically. What is the difference between correction fluid and correction tape? How to choose in daily life? The next article will tell you the differences between the two and how to choose the right product for different usage scenarios.


What Is Correction Tape?


Correction tape is a white opaque pigment similar to correction fluid, which is applied on paper to cover typos and can be rewritten immediately on it, which provides convenience for study and work. Its structure includes upper and lower covers, large and small gears, and a connecting body. There is a nozzle seat at the front of the connecting body, the nozzle is embedded in the nozzle seat of the connecting body, and an upper cover seat is arranged at the rear of the nozzle seat. The connecting body is provided with a positioning post, the middle part and the rear part of the connecting body are respectively provided with open grooves, and the bottoms of the two grooves are respectively a pinion gear shaft hole and a large gear shaft hole. The large and small gears are respectively fitted in the large and small shaft holes of the connecting body, and the large and small gears match each other.


What Is Correction Fluid?



Correction fluid is a white opaque pigment that is applied to paper to cover typos and then dries to rewrite it. Correction fluid is traditionally packaged in a small bottle with a cap attached to a small broom or a triangular piece of Styrofoam dipped in the correction fluid. In recent years, a pen-shaped correction fluid has begun to appear, and a spring is housed in the pen. Pressing the nib against the paper pumps out the correction fluid, which spreads out more evenly than a sweeper and doesn't dry out as easily as a bottled one. Because the correction fluid dries up quickly, the unused correction fluid should be capped in time to prevent the liquid in the bottle from evaporating and leaving only a viscous liquid that cannot be used. Therefore, correction fluid manufacturers usually sell thinner with it. Correction fluid made typing or writing easier before the invention of the word processor.


Difference Between Correction Tape And Correction Fluid:

1. Different physical forms

Correction tape is a solid and correction fluid is a liquid. The modified area of the correction tape can be written directly, while the correction fluid must wait for it to solidify before writing.

2. The modification effect is different

After correcting with the correction tape, the paper surface is still clean and smooth, and it is easy to write again. But some correction tapes are difficult to write on with pens, pencils, and erasable markers. After the correction fluid is applied, the paper surface will be rough and it is inconvenient to write.

3. Different use comfort

The correction tape can be written immediately after being applied, and there is no peculiar smell. After the correction fluid is applied, it will emit a pungent paint smell, which cannot dissipate immediately even after it solidifies.



Finally, how should we choose these two products?

There are all kinds of correction tapes on the market. The most important thing to choose is the width is 4.2mm, because 4.2mm is exactly the line width of each line of the computer printing width, and it is not easy to accidentally correct other lines when correcting. and can be corrected in one go. In addition, pay attention to the material of the correction tape. It is best to choose a material with high coverage, non-toxicity, and sufficient thickness. Even gel pen or ink handwriting can be easily covered, and it can be done at one time. The Deli correction tape is made of high-quality materials, which can easily cover handwriting. The design also adopts ergonomics, providing a good user experience, and the tape will never get stuck or broken when used correctly.

When choosing a correction fluid, you must see the manufacturer and date, and the precautions on the back. It is best to choose well-known brands and regular manufacturers. The solution should not be too viscous. Some correction fluid products have a pungent smell and slow drying speed, which may have a huge impact on the human body. The Deli correction fluid dries quickly, and it is made of safe, non-toxic, and odorless materials, allowing users to have a good experience while ensuring user safety.

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