Pen, Your Necessary Instrument for Writing!

With the popularization of paperless office, the need for writing in daily life has been greatly reduced, but occasionally we still need to sign important documents. When practicing penmanship, we are always told that only a fountain pen can leave a true mark.


Generally, the instrument for writing fountain pen is heavier, which requires higher demand for writing habits, abilities, and paper quality. Therefore, if you can write well with a fountain pen, you can handle any other writing instrument easily. When the fountain pen is just a writing tool, how can we choose the one that suits us best?


Definition of fountain pen as a writing instrument


In Japan, fountain pens are also known as "eternal pens". In fact, as long as the fountain pen nib is not broken (or repaired in time), a pen can be used for half a century without any problem. After all, the main structure of a China fountain pen is: nib, cap, barrel, and ink converter. The most complicated craft is undoubtedly on the nib. From the structure point of view, the nib can be divided into clear nib, semi-clear nib, and dark nib.


Material of fountain pen nib


If the structure of the nib allows you to make choices from an aesthetic perspective, then the material of the nib directly affects your writing habits. In the fountain pen category, the material of the nib can be divided into steel nib, iridium nib, and gold nib.


A gold nib has more elasticity while a steel nib is relatively harder. However, regardless of whether it is soft or hard, most nibs will be point-welded with iridium granules to protect the nib. Many people find it difficult to distinguish between the use of gold nibs and steel nibs. Gold nib fountain pens have more flexibility when writing, which is a great help for forming the pen tip shape.


Gold nibs can be divided into 14K, 18K, and 21K according to the gold content. 14K nibs are more common and affordable, and are suitable for beginners. Of course, this doesn't mean that gold nibs are always better than steel nibs. Everyone's writing habits and feelings are different.


Maintenance of fountain pens


To become a standard fountain pen user, you must also remember: take good care of your Deli fountain pen!


The nib is fragile and long-term use will deform or block due to pressure and ink erosion. Therefore, every time you decide to take a long vacation from writing, empty the ink cartridge of ink and use warm water to clean the pen nib and ink converter before drying. This is already the simplest maintenance method.


Fountain pens may eventually disappear in the office environment, but as an instrument for writing, a civilized recording method, it will not be forgotten. Using a fountain pen doesn't require high calligraphy skills or spending a lot of money. As long as you treat every word you write seriously, this small conductor will reward you with the greatest joy!

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