Graphite Pencil Test: Kids Tell You Which One Is The Best

Whether you're creating a masterpiece or taking a test, choosing a pencil can be an important decision. The quality of a graphite pencil can be affected by many elements, such as graphite lead, shape, wood and so on.


Graphite Pencil Test: Kids Tell You Which One Is The Best


Recently, the biggest e-news media in Hungary, Dívány conducted a test about selecting the best graphite pencil. The result shows that Deli HB graphite pencil gets 4.4 points (5 points total) which is the best HB graphite pencil brand in Hungary.


Graphite Pencil Test: Kids Tell You Which One Is The Best


Following words are the original test article


The start of school is imminent, putting a lot of pressure on the parents' neck, so we decided in our own way to contribute to the success of the project. Unfortunately, we are not able to take over your shopping, but we can certainly do our best to share our experiences to help you choose the right graphite pencil. We have asked for help from those who are more knowledgeable about the subject: we have tested the products with a team of children.


We went through several well-known stores for our test, we totally collected 15 HB graphite pencils. Our immersion included triangular and hexagonal shapes to see if there was a significant difference. Spoiler: The result showed no strangeness.




fifteen graphite pencils were tested

As mentioned above, this time we gave the opportunity for testing to children who tried to use pencils from the point of view of their grip, how well they can be drawn and drawn, and their erasability.


Graphite Pencil Test: Kids Tell You Which One Is The Best


The evaluation was still as usual. Our guests rated the products on a 1 to 5 point scale based on their subjective impressions. After summing and averaging, here are the results.


What do the letter codes mean?

Depending on their hardness, pencils are graded from 9H to 9B (Derwent's scale), 10H to 8B (Koh-i-Noor), 9H to 8B (Staedtler). Here, H stands for hard, B stands for black, while F stands for fine. We chose the "HB" version for our test because it is the most suitable type of pencil for writing.


In order to get a closer look at the usability of each pencil, we show not only the standard product photos, but also a line to illustrate how they will be drawn on paper.

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