Introduction of Types and Materials of Bags School

A backpack is a tool that every student needs to use in order to carry textbooks and stationery. The most common type of bag school is the style of a two-shoulder backpack. In addition, rolling backpacks and single shoulder backpacks are also quite common. Most backpacks on the market use pu leather, polyester, nylon and several other fabrics. It is important to choose a suitable backpack for your child's health.


Types of Bags School


Two-shoulder backpacks


This is a general term for backpacks carried on both shoulders. The most obvious feature of this type of bags school is that it has two straps on the back to buckle on the shoulders. It is generally widely used in kindergartens and primary schools. Its main advantage is convenience, freeing hands and providing convenience for going out.


Single shoulder backpacks


Refers to backpacks that apply force to one side of the shoulder, and are divided into single shoulder bags and diagonal bags. Single shoulder backpacks generally have small capacity and are easy to carry. Single shoulder backpacks are mainly consumed by young people, especially middle school and college students, but using single shoulder bags should pay attention to the burden on one shoulder, so as not to affect physical health due to uneven pressure on the left and right shoulders.


Rolling backpacks


Rolling bags school are divided into two types: integrated rolling backpacks and omnidirectional wheel rolling backpacks. Rolling backpacks solve the burden on children's weak bodies caused by heavy backpacks and bring convenience to children. Some are detachable, which can be used as ordinary backpacks or rolling backpacks, achieving a versatile function. However, it is still not very convenient for children to drag rolling backpacks up and down stairs.


Materials of bags school




Canvas bags school have a better texture and relative softness, and they are tough and wear-resistant, and have good air permeability. However, they are not waterproof and are relatively easy to get dirty. There will also be situations of fading and discoloration during the cleaning process.




When people think of nylon backpacks, many people will think that they are relatively light, but nylon fabrics also have many advantages. They are strong, durable, soft, breathable, waterproof, and easy to take care of. However, its resistance to light is relatively poor, and it will yellow over time, and its surface is also easy to absorb dust.


Oxford cloth


Oxford cloth bags school are strong, durable, not easy to deform, and have good elasticity and corrosion resistance. It is also easy to clean and very convenient, but the texture of Oxford cloth is relatively hard, and its weight is not as light as nylon, which is its disadvantage.


PU leather


Leather backpacks are not as durable as canvas and Oxford cloth. They are relatively light in weight, waterproof, breathable, and have good flexibility. PU leather is also relatively resistant to dirt and has high fashion level.


These four materials of bags school are relatively durable and wear-resistant with canvas and Oxford cloth, and relatively light with PU leather and nylon. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages. Actually, if your child is still young and just starting primary school, you can choose something that is resistant to dirt and easy to clean. If they are in middle or high school, choose something that is durable and strong.

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