All You Need to Know about Fountain Pens

Fountain pens are very common stationery in our daily life. Compared with other ordinary stationery, fountain pens have special properties, so they are usually used as gifts. This article will focus on fountain pens and give a relatively comprehensive and detailed introduction to fountain pens.


History of the Fountain Pen

Before the invention of the fountain pen, the mainstream type of pen used was the dip pen. This kind of pen cannot be used for continuous writing, which is very inconvenient, so people invented the fountain pen. The first fountain pen in history is usually credited to the Arab Egyptians in the 10th century, but it wasn't until 1809 that Frederick Fölsch officially filed for the first patent for a fountain pen in England. In general, the history of fountain pens is a story of hundreds of people learning, innovating, and reinventing slowly over a millennium.


Types of Fountain Pens

There are many different types of fountain pens on the market, which can be distinguished according to their shape, size, and ink-filling system. The main significance of these different models is to better adapt to different people, optimize the fluency of ink, reduce writing manual fatigue, and have a better writing experience to improve the durability of the pen.


Benefits of Using a Fountain Pen

You may be weird that in the era when ballpoint pens and gel pens are very popular, what are the advantages of using fountain pens? In fact, the pen body of the fountain pen is often more in line with ergonomics, which is conducive to improving the writing of users. Various appearance designs can provide users with more choices, effectively reduce hand fatigue, and spasms, and allow users to write longer. Compared with other pens, the fountain pen is also more customized and expressive. And in some special circumstances, they may even be cheaper than ballpoint pens and gel pens.


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How to Fill Fountain Pen

At present, there are three main ways to fill in ink in fountain pens on the market. One is to use a spiral filling, soak the pen tip into the ink, and inhale the ink by rotating spiral water absorbers. The second is the piston filling, which allows you to immerse the pen tip into the ink well, and then extract the ink into the reservoir of the pen barrel. The last one is to directly replace the ink bag. This method is the most convenient and simple, but it is relatively expensive.


Tips for Fountain Pen Maintenance

Like anything, a fountain pen requires special care and maintenance if it is to be owned over the long term. First of all, don't leave your fountain pen full and unused. When you don't plan to use it for a while, it is best to empty the ink, then rinse it gently with water and place it. Secondly, place the pen correctly. When it is not in use for a while, it is best to stand the pen upright, which is more conducive to the maintenance of the pen. Finally, according to the different finishing materials of the pen, it is recommended to use different care liquids, which can better wash the surface and preserve it for a long time.


In general, there is a lot of knowledge about fountain pens, and only a part can be enumerated here. Deli has a lot of pens to choose from. As a group company dedicated to providing consumers with the most cost-effective one-stop solutions, consumers can choose fountain pens from the homepage. Diversified designs and specifications will meet the needs of users.

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