Structural Principles and Common Sense of Use of Ballpoint Pens

Ⅰ. The structure and principle of the ballpoint ballpen


The writing principle of the ballpoint ballpen is mainly to use the friction force generated by the direct contact between the ball and the paper surface when writing so that the ball rolls in the ball seat and brings out the ink in the refill to achieve the purpose of writing.


A ballpoint ballpen is a pen written with ink and different pigments. The tip of the pen is a small steel ball. The small steel ball is embedded in a small cylindrical copper bowl and then connected to a plastic tube with ink. The ink flows down from the surroundings with the rotation of the steel ball.


The pigments in ballpoint ballpen inks are dyes. There are three main colors of ink: blue, red, and black, among which blue ink is the most used. In the past, the pigment components in blue inks were royal blue and green lotus, and the solvents were oxidized castor oil and ricinoleic acid. Since the salt-based dyes are not light-resistant, heat-resistant, or acid-alkali-resistant, they have poor durability and have been eliminated.


The main structure of the ballpoint pen is the upper and lower tooth columns, the upper tooth column is pressed by hand, and the lower tooth column can be rotated inside. The meshing of the upper and lower tooth columns is incomplete meshing, only the tip of the tooth is partially meshed. The guide ribs behind the two occlusal teeth are designed to slide in the same guide groove. After the lower tooth column is pushed out of the guide groove by the upper tooth column, due to the action of the spring, the teeth of the lower tooth column will slide along the slope of the teeth of the meshing upper tooth column, so that under the action of the slope, the lower tooth column will turn an angle and slide to the other side. It is pressed down, and the function of the ballpoint pen can be realized by repeating this.




Ⅱ. The use of ballpoint ballpen common sense


1. This pen is stronger and more durable than ordinary pens, but if it is not properly used and stored, it is often impossible to write characters. This is mainly because the dry ink sticks around the steel ball and hinders the ink from flowing out. Ink is a kind of viscous oil, which is made by adding flax oil, synthetic pine nut oil, mineral oil, hard glue, and so on.


2. When using a ballpoint ballpen, do not write on paper with oil or wax, otherwise, the oil and wax embedded in the copper bowl along the edge of the steel ball will affect the ink flow and the words cannot be written, and avoid the impact and exposure of the pen. Always keep the pen cap with gloves to prevent damage to the pen head, deformation of the pen barrel, and oil leakage from the pen core to prevent contamination. If it is cold or left unused for a long time. When the pen does not come out of oil, you can soak the pen tip in warm water for a while and then slide the pen tip on the paper to write words.


3. The ballpoint ballpen has a big disadvantage: the handwriting it writes is very clear at first, but it cannot stand the test of time. After a long time, the handwriting will gradually become blurred. This is because the ink of the ballpoint ballpen is made of dye and castor oil. Oil is not the same as water. It is not easy to dry. After a long time, the oil will slowly seep into the paper and the writing will become blurred. Therefore, a ballpoint ballpen can only be used as a kind of common writing pen. If you want to preserve your handwriting for a long time, you need a pen.


4. When the ballpoint ballpen falls to the ground, if the tip of the pen touches the ground at 90 degrees, the tip of the ballpoint ballpen will not be damaged, but if the closing part is scratched, it will cause "oil leakage" at the gap. In severe cases, the ball will fall off, and writing difficulties will occur.

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